Non-Profit Donations

Titan Comics is pleased to provide the Titan Comics Comic Donation Program. This program is designed to bring the fun and imagination of comic books to new readers, young and old, by providing quality comics at no cost. We will donate comics to public libraries, youth centers, youth or adult daycare centers, fire houses, police stations, schools, and other Non-profit organizations*.

The donated comics are generally new books from our overstock. We review the books before donation and remove books that contain adult themes or content or books that contain visually graphic violence. It is still recommended that the books are reviewed by your organization before distribution. Our concept of what is OK and yours may differ and this would avoid a misunderstanding.

If your organization is interested, please contact us either by email or phone at: 214-350-4420 (USA).

*Titan Comics reserves the right to deny requests for donation to organizations that do not meet our standards.